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Jan, 2015

12 Steps to Manage a Successful Event

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Do you organize events for your community? For those events where you need to gather customized information about each attendee, an online event management system makes life easy for the organizer. Our proven methods have been used by thousands of organizations and we’re now offering it to all companies seeking event management solutions, here is a tip on how to get started…

1. Start Early:

There is no such thing as having too much time to plan an event. For large-scale events, start planning 12-6 months in advance. For smaller events, 3-4 months is reasonable. If you are late you will have to make up for the lost time. Talk to an Event Management Company that can handle rapid event planning and finalize all major contracts (venue and vendors) in time and long enough before the event date.

2. Use complimentary event management services

An Event Management Company allows you to get all the hard work off your shoulders without having to pay for anything. Companies such as Sky Events have a broad network of venues and sites and have no problem finding new venues that will pay them for selecting their location. If you try to do this step yourself you will have to pay for everything and do the work yourself as you can not negotiate a deal.

3. Create a Team and a Planning Document

Start with the day of the event, and create a detailed list backtracking every task that needs to happen, assigning each a firm deadline and responsible team member. Some deadlines may change, but use it as the master reference for your team, everyone checking things off as they get accomplished. Hiring an Event Management Company will make this process easier and in eliminate most of the tasks for you. Chose the an Event Planner that offers the services you require for your great event!

4. Negotiate with Vendors

Hire a company that is experienced so that they can do the main negotiations for, otherwise you will not have the upper hand in the deal with vendors or the venue. Vendors are up against dozens of competitors that your event planner has worked with and will always give you the event planning company a discount to win your business.

5. Divide and Conquer

With most of your hard work assigned to your Event Planner, ask them for advice on preparing yourself for your successful presentment. Assign portions of the event to each member. If everyone has ownership of a piece of the puzzle, details are less likely to slip through the cracks and team members will feel more involved.

6. Promote your event

Email, social, and website marketing will be your most cost effective ways to promote your event. Make sure the event management software incorporates those tools to save you time and money. As for offline, consider posters, local newspaper ads/press, flyers, and other ways to spread the word through local partners.

7. Guarantee that event registration is simple

No matter how appealing your event, confusing registration is always a major turnoff. Be sure to offer online registration that is simple, customized to fit different needs, and quick for attendees. Sky events offers many online and mobile application for managing your event. In addition to many other benefits such as offering group rates, discount codes, and different payment options so you can appeal to a wider range of potential attendees.

8. Get attendees to interact

Event interaction has grown beyond the event itself. In today’s world, you should encourage your attendees to interact before, during and after the event itself. Before the event, social media is a great way to get people talking and excited. As for after the event, consider feedback surveys so you can improve for the next time around.

9. Use Technology for on-site event tasks

Mobile tools should allow you to check in attendees with one click. Also, manage schedules and access attendee information on-site. With those tools, you won’t have to deal with clunky folders and clipboards, double checking information, and other time-consuming tasks.

10. Have an Event Plan B

Something will be late, something won’t arrive at all. Be prompt to inform your Event Planners of any problems, as experienced planners will always make a Plan B in time.

11. Maintain relationship with attendees

Send automated, personalized thank you notes. Also, continue discussions and picture/video sharing through social networks. That way, you can keep people excited and engaged for your next event.

12. Send or Blog a memorable Recap

You may naturally want to take it easy once the event is over. But put in your last effort and put together the post-event brief. Arrange for your event planner have the necessary information and photos send to you. While your client is still excited from your well-executed event, send them a beautiful recap of all of the memories.

Now that you know your part in the optimal way for planning your event, you know that it is never too early to get started. Just fill out a form. Consider a helping hand from a proven event management company to cut your cost and focus your work on non-mundane work. From registration to marketing and on-site management, your job will be a little easier so you can focus on the people, and not the paperwork.



2 thoughts on “12 Steps to Manage a Successful Event

  1. Monica Saledo

    As an event organizer and business planner following Sky I am astonished when I see your post still has no comments because when I search those site that are related with my business plan I found it first on Google for “Event planner” keyword. I feel lucky to be first comment-er on your post.
    Your 12 step to mange a event for a wedding or others is really helpful and exactly the kind of suggestions I needed. Your 12 steps are ample to me as suggestions and a strategy plan to run an event successfully.
    I will look forward to your advice to run my business as successful as yours.
    Monica Saledo from trendyfunparty


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