Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


At Sky Events Management, we understand that site selection can be intimidating and incredibly time consuming. To help you better understand how our services work and why our site selection services are completely complimentary to you, please take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions.

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How can Sky Events Management offer such valuable services for free? What's the catch?

There is no catch! Sky Events Management receives a placement fee from the hotel after your group departs. We are paid from the hotels without compromising your rate. It is a win-win situation. The client benefits by saving time and paying less. In fact, we guarantee that you will pay less by utilizing our services. The large volume of group business we book worldwide gives us negotiating power that is used on your behalf.

How can you guarantee the lowest room rates and the most perks?

We represent a broad client base and we book a tremendous number of meetings and hotel rooms each year. This gives us more bargaining power than individuals and corporations who act on their own. Consequently, we routinely obtain rates well below those quoted by hotels as "business rates" and "negotiated rates."

What type of events do you plan?

At Sky Events Management, we specialize in planning a wide range of events and meetings, including corporate events, conferences, tradeshows, and much more. Additionally, our site selection expertise even includes international locations, so you can hold your event anywhere in the world. Any client (person or organization) planning a meeting or event that requires at least ten hotel rooms for one or more nights is eligible to utilize our services!

We plan our meetings in-house, but could use help in finding the right hotel, as it is very time consuming visiting numerous hotels. Can you help us with hotel site selection only?

Of course! Our fast and efficient proposal system allows us to create a customized and easy to read report that will tell you all you need to know in order to make an informed decision- available dates, room rates, number of guest rooms, amount of meeting space, proximity to airports, and so much more. Sky Events will make all of the arrangements with the hotel and the appropriate hotel staff for a site visit and then negotiate a tight contract that reflects your best interests and minimizes your liability.

​​The cost to you: Nothing!

Can you book unique venue sites, such as: amusement parks, golf courses or stadiums for us?

Absolutely...and much more! We have not only booked these venues, but also aquariums, vintage estates, vineyards, beaches, museums and libraries.

How is Sky Events Management paid?

When you decide on a contract with a hotel, the venue pays us a placement fee after the group checks out. There is absolutely no cost to utilize our services and hotel connections.

Can I use your services and still search for hotels myself?

We recommend that you let Sky Events Management completely handle the hotel arrangements for your meeting. From making the initial contact to finalizing the contracts, we can handle it all. But if you still would like to begin your own search or have already contacted hotels before reaching out to us, please let us know as it will help us with our room rate negotiations.

Ours is an industry event that attracts upwards of 5,000 people. What is the largest event you have ever managed?

Meredith was personally responsible for booking over 6000 rooms nights for the United States Golf Association (USGA) 2012 & 2013 United States Opens. We have also handled high-end executive meetings for 10 people.

Do I need to have a signed contract with Sky Event Management in order to utilize your services?

No – the only contract you will sign will be between you and your chosen venue.

Can I contact you whenever I have a meeting to schedule - even on short notice?

Absolutely! We love a challenge. If you have a program to plan next month or even next week we are at your service. If your program is around the corner from your office, across the country or around the world, Sky Events Management is here to assist you.

What differentiates Sky Events Management from meeting planning or incentive companies?

The primary difference is that we do not actively take over a planner's program - the planner signs all contracts, handles deposits, conducts site inspections and remains the primary contact as far as the hotel is concerned. Our role is to identify the venue, secure the best possible terms and make sure the contract is properly executed.

What type of planners should use you?

Sky Events Management is ideal for those planners who run their own programs, but are constrained by time or a lack of manpower. ​​


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