Complimentary Site Selection

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At Sky Events Management, we help meeting planners find and secure the perfect venues for their meetings and events. As an experienced hotel site selection company, we provide conference management solutions to clients who host corporate and social events at hotels, conference centers and off-site venues anywhere in the world. Our knowledge and resources allow us to go beyond just hotel site selection to include contract negotiations, online meeting registration and invites, transportation and full event meeting management.

By working with a third-party hotel site selection company like Sky Events Management, you gain access to our database of over 200,000 hotels and venues world-wide complimentary plus are able to tap into our global industry connections to ensure you are always getting the very best rates, terms & concessions. What can sometimes take meeting planners weeks or even months to compile, we can turn around in a matter of days, saving our clients valuable time and resources that can be better spent on the content of their meeting.

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