Incentive Trips

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Within every organization, there are personnel who are top performers, standouts from the crowd, delivering extra value to the business that deserve to be recognized. A well designed corporate incentive travel program is one of the top ways to reward great performers, and encourage others to reach that "greatness" level. Finding the right destination that will both motivate and deliver to you your desired results is critical to the overall success of the program. We will conduct a thorough search of destinations that fit your corporate culture and will work with you on finding the perfect location.

The incentive events developed and conducted by Sky Events Management offer a broad spectrum of both on-site & off-site activities. We usually kick the program off with a Welcome Dinner at the resort to get everyone excited. As the program unfolds, the recipients are treated to excursions such as zip-line tours, local shopping trips, jungle hikes, snorkeling, catamarans, helicopter tours, motor sports and cultural expeditions. Some companies prefer that their “Winners” have the days to enjoy to themselves while others want to incorporate Team Building activities like Beach Olympics. As the sun sets on the 2nd day, an Awards Dinner takes place celebrating the achievements of those who worked incredibly hard during the year to achieve their success. The final day is usually reserved for guests to go “on their own” to enjoy local fairs or simply relax by the pool. We usually end the program with an amazing dinner with local entertainment & bands, photographers and a lifetime of memories.

Every program can be fully customized to fit your goals and objectives but rest assured that each and every step will be well thought out and delivered with exceptional customer service and with an incredible attention to detail. We are available to both you and your “Winners” before, during and after the execution of the incentive trip program!

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