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Feb, 2015

Making dreams: 6 Tips for Hosting an Incentive Retreat

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Hosting a retreat with for your staff is a great way to bond and show your appreciation for their hard work. However, without careful planning, these kinds of retreats can turn into a huge headache!

Read on for our 6 Tips for Hosting an Incentive Retreat


1. Vision and goals

The first thing you need to consider when planning your incentive retreat is: what are your goals for the retreat? In addition to rewarding employees for successful work, retreats are the perfect location to strengthen teams, encourage leadership, and support organization-wide networking. Come up with a list of two or three main goals for the retreat and use them to define an overaching vision.


2. Retreat name

When designing your retreat, pay special attention in choosing a name. A great name will go a long way in setting the tone of the retreat, so choose a name that not only communicates the purpose of the retreat, but that also instills a sense of excitement and wonder.

For example, “Top Performing Employees Retreat” communicates the retreat’s purpose, but sounds pretty dull. Consider something like “The High-Achievers High-Altitude Mountain Retreat” instead to build hype.


3. Keep it fun and simple

Make sure you keep your incentive retreat fun and simple. It seems like obvious advice, but when deciding on activities, it’s easy to get so caught up in planning that you forget to alot time for just relaxing and mingling. A bit of down time is good for your staff to relax, think about what was discussed in team-building activities, and to help them refresh and rejeuvinate.

To summarize, there is no need to exhaust your guests! Instead of overloading them with content, just focus on a few amazing key activities so that your guests will be completely ready for every awesome activity you have planned.


4. Communicate regularly

Good communication is key- from the months leading up to the retreat to the follow-up briefs after. Through regular and active communication, you can develop great relationships with your attendees. Make use of today’s technology to make things even easier- instead of sending out email chains that often go ignored, use mobile tools for event registration, check-ins, announcements, and promotional material.


5. Location

The beaches of Mexico? The Rocky Mountains? The Great Wall of China? There are more location options than ever for incentive retreats, and people are demanding more and more exciting destinations. Here are a few suggestions to please any crowd: For the sun lovers… Sunny destinations will always be at the top of everyone’s mind for a winter retreat. In the US, Florida is still the #1 domestic destination. It’s no wonder either- with both great beaches and an active nightlife, Miami truly has it all. Looking for something a little more international? Consider the Carribean island of Aruba: at only 20 miles long and six miles wide, this tiny island is filled with tons of things to do.

For the culture lovers… Food, art, music- Europe has everything to please the culture lover. However, cities like Paris are notorious for their high prices. Instead, consider somewhere like Lisbon, Portugal.
Lisbon offers cutting edge facilities and easy transport to the US. Plus, the great food and even better architecture will shock and awe your attendees. Or, for a truly unique experience, consider hosting in Maritz, Prague. The novelty of this destination combined with its breathtaking river cruises will make your retreat unforgettable.

For the sports lovers.. Notorious as the city where you can golf, ski, and sail all within the same day, Vancouver, Canada is the perfect destination for an active, adventurous staff. Plus, the sheer diversity of food and culture in the city itself will also please even the least sporty attendees.


6. Make use of an Events Manager

An events manager will take care off all the headaches and logistics for you. They’ll make sure everything from which venue to which appetizers is planned to perfection. Sky Events Management offers a broad spectrum of both on-site & off-site activities that will suit any organization. Here’s how Sky Events Management will help you plan the perfect Incentive Trip:

  • Conduct a thorough search of destinations that fit your corporate culture and will work with you on finding the perfect location
  • Offer a broad spectrum of both on-site & off-site activities
  • Kick the program off with a Welcome Dinner at the resort to get everyone excited
  • Excursions such as zip-line tours, local shopping trips, jungle hikes, snorkeling, catamarans, helicopter tours, motor sports and cultural expeditions
  • An Awards Dinner celebrating the achievements of those who worked incredibly hard during the year to achieve their success
  • A day reserved for guests to go on their own by enjoying local fairs or simply relaxing by the pool
  • End the program with an amazing dinner with local entertainment & bands, photographers and a lifetime of memories

And if you’d still like more customization, we will work with you every step of the way. From the initial planning to the trip wrap-up, our excellent attention to detail and customer service guarantees a delightful event.


In conclusion

There are a million details, big and small, that go into planning the perfect celebration for all the “Winners” in your team. But with careful consideration and the help of a world-class planner, you can host an event that will excite and inspire- an event that will truly create dreams.


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