Event Planning Services

Set the Right Tone With Event Planning Services


Whether it’s to kick off a new product campaign or recognize the hard work of employees, a special event can be the ideal option. Offering the industry’s top Event Management Service, we recognize that your needs are unique and require a special touch to make an occasion special. The tone of any event is dictated by the people being honored or the occasion, and our staff members are dedicated to making sure every detail is planned to make the most of that occasion.


Planning Your Event

The first step in planning any event is matching the purpose of the event with a venue. That simply means we will work with your organization to determine what type of destination will match your goals and overall budget. Successfully launching a new product is always important, but not every launch should be held in the same type of venue. Launching a new dairy product, for example, will require a different approach than introducing a new line of clothing. While that may appear to be obvious, there are companies that have not taken the time to select a location for the launch that truly met the needs of their products or clients. We’re here to make sure every client explores different options for venues.


Determining Activities for the Event

Once the venue is selected, our Event Planning Services team will work with your representatives to determine what type of activities best suit the event’s goals. Destinations are often selected simply because they offer a variety of options for attendees to participate in. Our Event Planning Services team explores every option available so events centering on relaxation, team building, or simply having fun offer the appropriate activities. Team-building events, for example, are planned to make the best use of the venue’s potential while, at the same time, generating the level of enthusiasm our clients are seeking.


Taking Care of the Mundane Tasks

When planning events, dealing with chores like registrations are easily taken care of by our team. Every client is assigned an event manager to make sure attendees have a contact that will respond to any questions quickly and efficiently. Today, registration needs are easily handled using our secure system. All data is carefully protected, and our processes can be tailored to meet the requirements of clients.


Special Events Require Special Services

Since every event is unique, our team is ready to handle a variety of services to meet those one-of-a-kind needs. From website development to creating itineraries, we are here to ensure every client’s event runs smoothly. We can, and do, source special equipment, deal with housing issues, handle vendor issues, and make sure ground transportation is available when and where it’s needed. It doesn’t matter what type of event you are planning, our team will be there to handle the details.

Event Planning takes time and expertise. At Sky Events Management, our specialists are available to help clients through every step of the process. From initial planning to handling all the last minute details, we’re here to make sure the event’s tone meets your needs and those of the participants. To get started, contact our team today for more information.

Free Services

  • ​Comparison of potential hotels
  • Hotels, amenities, & attractions
  • Room rates, concessions and perks
  • Meeting space, rooms & breakouts
  • Cost for food & beverage
  • Deposits, cut-off dates, attrition
  • Coordination with conventions
  • Rooming lists
  • Airport & event transportation
  • Hotel site visits are prearranged
  • Review proposals for accuracy
  • Negotiate hotel contract(s)

Fee Services

  • Website Development
  • Registration Tracking
  • Hotel Management
  • Creating Itineraries
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Function Resumes
  • Emails Announcements
  • Hotel Communication
  • Speaker Logistics
  • Amenities & Gifts
  • Vendor sourcing and hiring
  • Event budgeting & bill review